Case Types

Traditional Genealogical Research
It is your choice whether to focus on one direct line, all 8 great-grandparents, or any ancestor that strikes your fancy. Surmount those brick walls with exhaustive research, corroboration of information, and a genealogical proof argument.

Immigration and Migration
Immigrants have flocked to the shores of Massachusetts since 1620. Later centuries brought subsequent waves of people. Some settled--others moved on, migrating away to settle Canada and the US. I can help you trace their paths.

Lineage Society Applications
The application process to join a lineage society such as the Sons of the American Revolution or the Mayflower Society can be daunting, and current privacy laws in some states are difficult to maneuver. I will work with you to prove your lineage.

Forensic Work
I am no longer taking forensic cases.

Historical Research
My research is not limited solely to genealogical work, but extends to anything historical, including biographies and house histories.