Case Types


Traditional Genealogical Research
I am comfortable in a variety of places and eras but tend to stick to New England, England and Ireland, where I am now working on my own family. I aim to surmount brick walls with exhaustive research, corroboration of information, and usually a genealogical proof argument or proof summary.

Immigration and Migration
The US is a country of immigrants. From Mayflower, to the present waves of people have entered. Locating their places of origin can be a challenge.

Lineage Society Applications
The application process to join a lineage society such as the Sons of the American Revolution or the Mayflower Society can be daunting, and current privacy laws in some states are difficult to maneuver. 

Forensic Work
I am no longer taking forensic cases.

Historical Research
My research is not limited solely to genealogical work, but extends to anything historical, including biographies and house histories.